Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shosholoza Meyl

We boarded the teal, yellow, and purple Shosholoza Meyl in Johannesburg for an overnight ride to Cape Town. Our cabin, 4F, was a four person sleeper and we lucked out having it to ourselves. We quickly got comfortable and took naps as the train chugged out of town. A young waiter stopped by to see if we wanted anything to drink. He got to telling us about his true passion, journalism, and said he was working towards going back to school. We wished him luck. Soon our tickets were checked by two jolly fellows. We were still rolling through the Jo'burg suburbs when we met our neighbor in 4G, a cute and very quite boy named Sedu. He would peak in our window or stand at our door staring at us before ducking out of sight or busting some dance moves. As the South African landscape passed by our window, Temple did a lot of research to plan out the coming weeks. When dinner time neared we walked up two cars to the dining car. We felt pretty classy enjoying our meal with a glass of red wine on the rails. Later, we made our way back to our cabin which was now set up for sleep with heavy blankets that we would need in the unexpectedly cold night. The next day we continued making our way to Cape Town slowly and around two we pulled into the station. It had been one of the smoothest trips of the journey so far.

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Addie said...

Kids..look at that sunset!! Awesome