Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saber the Flavor

Franschhoek doesn't feel like South Africa but a piece of France. That's exactly what the French Huguenots wanted when they settled here over 300 years ago. Now it is one of the leading wine producing regions in the country and it still maintains its old European feel.

We visited Haute CabriƩre vineyard, well known for its varieties of champagne. Our sarcastic and gregarious host Takuan von Arnim guided us through his family's cellars which are built into the mountainside. He gave us a history lesson about Napoleon's troops and their favored post-battle past time of sabrage- the opening of a champagne bottle with a saber. After the tour he selected Temple to wield the blade and pop the first bottle of bubbly for tasting.

Temple held the silver sword while he demonstrated that with a light stroke the cork comes off neatly with the neck of the bottle still attached. Before we knew what was happening POP the cork went flying across the lawn.


foster said...

Delightful! Quite a pick-me-up for a bleary-eyed day.

Addie said...

Awesome! I love the "flip book" photos. Temple looks so accomplished and of course she was...i mean who opens bottles with swords? Love yall
It does look like France.

Catarina said...

Temple`s face while holding the sword is the best!
You look so happy!