Monday, September 14, 2009

Power to the Peaceful

On September 13th, 1989, 30,000 Cape Townians of all races took to the streets in a peaceful protest against apartheid and the holding of political prisoners.

The Cape Town Peace March is viewed by many here as the beginning of the end of apartheid and white rule. Twenty years later, we were lucky enough to be in town as marchers, activists, and religious leaders reunited to remember the march. They looked back on all their accomplishments and discussed the challenges that South Africa faces moving forward. St. George's Church where the march began was filled with historical photos and music. Old friends greeted each other and shared stories of the struggle. In the crowd were young children who will never know a day of apartheid and elders who so recently only dreamt that one day they'd know freedom. Carol Carlos remembered 20 years ago calling for "freedom in our lifetime" and not knowing if it would become a reality. Now, two decades later, she reminded the assembled group how much they had changed and that if they all worked together none of South Africa's problems were too large to solve.

It was a moving day after a moving week of visiting the Apartheid Museum, District Six Museum, and Robben Island all which reinforced the presence of injustice in the world and the power of people to overcome it.

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foster said...

So glad you were there to witness- power to the peaceful!