Thursday, September 17, 2009

Right Whales, Right Now

Not a far drive from Cape Town is the town of Hermanus where every spring brings very special visitors. Southern Right Whales swim north from Antarctica to calve and spend around three months nursing. You can spot them from shore and Hermanus' rocky outcroppings are the perfect spot to sit and watch as the whales breach, surface and sail. After Hermanus we went to De Hoop (pronounced Whoop in Afrikaans) Nature Reserve where in front of a coast of white sand dunes we saw 8 whales at a time. We fell in love with these gentle giants.


Mary Moore said...

Wow, wow, and double wow!!
Yrs ago I went to DR to see humpbacks calve and hang out! Nothing more majestic, m

foster said...

An exciting five minutes indeed!

Addie said...

OMG!! That was a "whale of a show"! Awesome, awesome, awesome
I thought was watching Planet Earth...but better b/c I hear yall