Friday, October 16, 2009


Mosi-oa-Tunya means "The Smoke That Thunders". The falls themselves are on the Zambian side but for the best views you head to Zimbabwe. Standing on the Zim side of the canyon, you are surrounded by thunder and showered by smoke. We hiked down to see rainbows spanning the width of the gorge, admire the lush surrounding forest, and staggering rock walls. As we approached different viewpoints the thunder rages louder. It's hard to imagine it in the rainy season when the water flow is more than 10 times this volume.


foster said...

Smokinnn' But i'm worried about those people in the middle at the top of the falls! yikes!

biddy said...

a water fall in the gorge.NaD YOU'RE LOVELY SMILE.

biddy said...

no it's not my add. the writing choice and 'caps lock' drive me incane.Thanks again to GPS for not providing typing skills!