Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hakuna Matata

After exploring Stone Town, we head to the northern beaches of Zanzibar. We arrive at Kendwa Rocks after a frantic- to say the least- two hour drive. The beach, complete with palm trees and thatched umbrella huts, is a picturesque paradise so we park cheese immediately and inhale the sea breeze. The next few days have little activity besides lounging in hammocks and swimming in the aquamarine waves next to traditional sailboats called dhows. We stay at Les Tois de Palme, a small group of tucked away bungalows with a restaurant serving what I'm convinced is the best food on the island. Our nights are filled with laughter and octopus, watching sunsets and chatting with Masaai warriors who stroll the beach.


Margaret said...

Temple and Clay, I have been following your journey for all these months and I am awed and impressed at your photos, your writing, your amazing get out there and meet the world!
It is such an honor to know you.

OK, 2 times I almost got dizzy and sick watching.....the bunjie and VF when you look 2 feet from the edge!
Sending much love and joy, and continued traveling mercies, Margaret Marshall

Addie said...

INSANE...looks like paradise!! Lucky dogs!