Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soules Bahia

The Soules family of Salvador keeps a busy schedule. Whether it's Camila working the graveyard shift at a fancy hotel before going to college or Catarina spending three hours on the bus to and from work or Linda commuting all over town teaching English to Brazilian doctors. Luckily for us they made time in their jam-packed week to show us around their beautiful city. We quickly adapted to the Brazilian way of life as they fed us delicious fare and made room for us in their warm and loving home. Whenever they could, they took us around town, to the historic fort, the local beach, and their favorite restaurant. We enjoyed the great views outside their apartment of the beautiful Bahía de Todos Los Santos. We began to feel a part of their family, joining in their constant laughing and teasing of one another while lounging in the living room. We even started to get into the wildly popular Brazilian soap operas.

Both girls were so nice to introduce us to their friends who were all very welcoming and fun. Even after their long days, the girls took us out to live concerts, dance performances and reggae clubs. Our last day was Sunday when all three Soules' had the day off so the five of us took a day trip to Praia de Forte with Camila's friend Jaime and Catarina's friend Leo. We hung out on the beach, had a great lunch and checked out a sea turtle conservancy.

After such an incredible time it was hard to say goodbye but we were glad to give Camila her room back. We can't imagine our trip to Salvador without these three wise women to guide us around and we can't wait to head back for Carnival to party in the streets with Linda.


foster said...

Wish we hada been there! Such beautiful people!
Plus that turtle looked like it was popping out of the computer screen.

Catarina said...

It was our pleasure having you guys over and being part of this wonderful adventure you are living! It`s great to be around family!