Monday, August 10, 2009

An Evening at Teatro Amazonas

It's not what you expect to find in the middle of the rainforest but it's there. When you walk into the great hall, it feels like you are stepping out of the Amazon and back in time. Built in 1896 during Manaus' rubber boom, the opera house is an opulent reminder of past glory days. Over the years Teatro Amazonas had fallen into disuse and disrepair. But in 2001 plans were underway to restore and reopen. Ever since, it has been hosting concerts, operas, plays and more. On the night we attended, there was a free modern dance performance but it was the building that stole the show.


Bett Addams Williams said...

each story is a bigger surprise than the last!!! who would have dreamed you could pull an opera house out of the jungle's hat! Wow.
We saw one iron building in Iquitos done by the Eiffel Tower's designer but nothing like this! or the Eiffel!
Ooops there goes another rubber tree plant - to Manilla, Africa etc. - and there went the rubber boom.

Addie said...

Amazing...yall know all the secerts! That is awesome. I love the pic of the curtians. You two are the best travelers ever!! Keep revealing the world's best kept secerts!! Can't wait for more!! Nice audio...I heard yall giggling

Waru said...

what do you mean in the middle of the amazon? literally?? That's crazy and amazing looking!

T-Biscuit said...

Hey Clay and Temple, is that the opera house from Fitzcarraldo? Amazing! You have a beautiful website.