Thursday, April 9, 2009


In Uruguay, everywhere you look people are drinking mate. Often shared among friends, the loose yerba mate tea is steeped in a small gourd, also called mate, and drunk through a silver straw with a filter called a bombilla. Its not the most simplistic approach to a caffeine fix; mate lovers carry their mate, bombilla and a thermos of hot water with them throughout the day. Although sometimes the gear is carried in a leather pouch, more often people hold their mate in one hand and tuck their thermos under their arm. The drink is popular in all of South America from small towns to busy city sidewalks.


Addie said...

Mate is their Starbucks!! Hudson would love it. Did yall ask those people to take thier pictures? Love the sound track. Great photos
love yall

Heather said...

Clay, you got me started on yerba mate back in the day! Thanks for sending me this link, it's great! Have a blast!!! xo

Emily said...

Ha! My boyfriend used to drink mate and I totally thought it was pot that he steeped like tea. I was pretty embarassed when I found out what it really was! Have fun down there Temp, I miss you girl!