Friday, April 17, 2009

La Parilla

On Sunday night in La Paloma, Clay and I grilled out on la parilla, the South American barbeque grill. Some friends at the hostel joined us and we cooked short ribs, chorizo, peppers, onions and potatoes. There was a lot of meat and our surfer friend Juan showed us how to grill like Uruguayans. After the wood burns into small coals, Juan moves the hot pieces under the grill. This continues until everything is cooked, usually an hour or two. Our other friend Ricardo, the godfather of the hostel, always tends to the fire so we called him El Maestro del Fuego. After a while he left the duties to Clay. When the meat was cooked to perfection Clay served us a delicious meal.


Bett Addams Williams said...

The time exposure is VERY EFFECTIVE!! and I can hear the sizzle too! We were treated to such a cook out in Mendoza with Sara's friend. I think I'll try to forward this one to her (when I find her name in Outlook.)

I forwarded the bog to Caroline Roberston and am about to read her email.

Ellie was here for 2 days and for fun prescribed that I watch "What Not To Weat" on TLC. It's a hoot I'm watching it now!!

We went to "LaGrotta" last night with Ellie, Cree and Frazer. "LaGrotta" is having a "Stimulus" Menu for April, Mon - Thurs., two courses and a glass of wine for $21.95. Perhaps Temple should email her Dad! It was delicious (I had yellow beet and goat cheese salad with arugula for starters and broiled salmon on orzo both delicious) only thru April 30th.

keep the cards and pictures coming!

Design Then Build Soules said...

Clay and Temple, I'm really enjoying following your journey. Wasn't sure where I could comment but I found this comment by Bett, and followed that link.
Best of fortune to you as you really live. Ate mais.