Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We eased back into America in San Francisco with brother Hudson, who offered us his insanely comfy bed to rest our weary bones. I can't imagine a better place or better person to welcome us back from world travel and show us that the adventures weren't over. After a long rest, we explored Hudson's San Francisco from chilling in their amazing garden to visiting the Janet Pomeroy Center, and biking through Golden Gate Park and over the bridge with Hudson's bicycle sound system booming.

The next stop on our ReEntry tour was Denver to see "Syrupsun Sammy" (along with brother Tommy & Tiffany). Sammy was born just before we left and he showed us how long we'd been gone. Walking around and climbing stairs, just being a little explorer, maybe one day a world traveler.

We went skiing with the Moores in Breckenridge. The snowy Rockies were another wonder to grateful to explore. On the slopes, Temple looked graceful and Clay looked out of control.

The tour continued when Clay got to see cousin Anna Belle and Ty in Boulder and his old friend Zandman. There were more friends and family awaiting in Atlanta. So we boarded the last red-eye flight of Syrupsun, landing Atlanta at 6:00 am.

Everyone was thrilled for our safe return. The welcome home party began.


Waru said...

Hudson's bike has a sound system? With bass booming?

Hudson said...

SOOOOOO much Love ya'll. What a special time. Big Ups for the works in Haiti. Look forward to hearing what's going on with you and the world. Peace and Love all ways...


Addie said...

Great documentary of an amazing adventure that has transformed so many lives!!!! Thank you both for sharing! and Thanks to those who helped you get back home safely!