Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kamakura & Enoshima

Zack points us in the right direction and heads to work. After navigating the kanji (Japanese writing) necessary for train travel, we arrive in Kamkura, a heavily templed town outside of Tokyo.

Before entering each temple, we cleanse ourselves by dipping a bamboo handled copper cup into icy water and rinsing our hands. We follow the locals who make offerings by throwing a few yen into a wooden box, clapping twice, and then bowing.

After sampling the local specialty of sweet potato ice cream, delicious and purple, we head to Daibutsu, the towering bronze statue of Amida Buddha looking out to the sea. Our journey along the coast continues as we make our way to Enoshima, a small island just off shore with temples and nature existing in harmony. We walk to the far side of the island to see Mt. Fuji in the setting sun.

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