Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cloudy Kilimanjaro

We stopped in Moshi for a day just to see the snows of Kilimanjaro. When we arrived, the summit was completely covered by clouds. No snows. We left our camera in our room and went for dinner at a rooftop restaurant where a clear day offers great views of the mountain. When we ordered our Kilimanjaro Lagers the summit was still obscured. But about half way through the first round the clouds began to part. Soon we could see the roof of Africa. In the setting sun the peak looked like a Varsity Frosted Orange. We toasted the mountain with our second round and enjoyed the views in the last moments of daylight. The next day we returned to the rooftop for photos but the clouds had returned.


Addie said...

Great description....I can imagine a frosted orange cloud cover!!

biddy said...

Hey Honey, I am going to Denver for xmas.I wish I were there. great descriptions so I feel like I have been trav'ln the world. What a gift for all of us to be along for the cyber ride. LOve , Love . love!!