Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Copa Aviary

In the Copacabana Quarantine Aviary, birds rescued from around Bolivia form the noisiest community of the Inti Wara Yassi animal reserve. The majority of the parrots cannot fly, their wings were clipped for captivity by previous owners. Now they are kept in large cages with their peers. Some birds who are especially handicapped go out on perches during the day and enjoy some special attention.

After two weeks working in the Copa Aviary, I learned a lot about the intelligence of these exotic and beautiful animals. With every "Hola!" and whistle I received as I tended to their cages, I felt a sense of friendship. The birds often helped me try to chase away monkeys coming to steal food, yelling "Fuera!" (Out!) in voices so human-like I often turned to see who was there. I will especially miss my little Loopy, whose loud regular squawks weren't enough to make me want to take him off my shoulder.


foster said...

beautiful! loved the laughing sounds the birds made! They seem quite happy and well cared for-
hats off to the reserve and to Temple! Bravo!

Addie said...

Awesome...loved the sound track of the happy bird noises! I know Terrill loves it!! Happy to see a new post!

Bett Addams Williams said...

Bett and T'Bird glad to see this beautiful bird show!! So dramatic!