Thursday, May 28, 2009

Touring Renacer

A taxi dropped us off on a dirt road lined with tall yellow Alamo trees where we entered the beautiful Renacer Bodega, a boutique winery owned by a Chilean family. Thanks to Clay's aunt Sara Matthews, we met Pato whose father started the vineyard 7 years ago. Pato went to Emory and was working on Wall Street before returning to Mendoza to help run Renacer (wise choice!). We toured the facilities and even got to make our personal blend of Malbec, the grape that Mendoza is known for. Pato taught us a lot about wine and entertained us all weekend as we explored the beautiful wine country at the foot of the Andes.


foster said...

I want to be there to taste that blend!

Bett Addams Williams said...

Beautiful time to be in Mendoza!!

Addie said...

Totally jealous!! Yall look like wine tasting pros